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At Solution Architects Group, we harmonize decades of combined cross-platform advisory expertise with the most advanced machine learning engine in the market. Our premier advisory team, certified consultants, and market leading technology will streamline your operational processes, deploy market leading AI and Machine Learning technology across your digital environments, and ensure a seamless experience for your employees and customers. We will align best-in-class solutions and tools with your organization’s strategic objectives, across your organization’s digital landscape. Trust in our expertise to maximize the return of your technology investments.

Prescriptive Resources

average years of cross-platform solution architecture experience

Budget Friendly


more cost effective than our competitors

Deploy Automation To


of your organization's UI based platforms.

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Our team is composed of highly skilled consultants with extensive experience across various technology platforms. Having served as Senior Consultants and Architects across multiple platforms, we bring a profound understanding of the diverse challenges and needs that customers face in various digital landscapes, including areas where other service providers may not fully deliver.

Whether you are implementing a new system, expanding your existing digital infrastructure with additional modules, striving for efficient administration to meet business requirements, or aiming to provide strategic insights to stakeholders, we stand ready to assist.

Our team of select experts specializes in closing the gap between your strategic goals and making them a reality. Leveraging our comprehensive advisory services, a state-of-the-art automation platform, and tailored training expertise, we are committed to helping you meet your goals, adhere to industry best practices, and secure long-term success.

At Solution Architects Group, we prioritize being your most valuable resource. Count on us to deliver the expertise, experience, technology, and strategic focus you need to succeed.

Our Approach

As a 100% consultant owned company, each of our consultants simply approach customer’s needs differently than our competitors. We like to say each team member’s name is on the door, and we act like it. We believe that you will find this to be a refreshing change, reflecting our team’s commitment to your long-term success.


We focus on your growth needs first – not technical problems. Our solutions align with your objectives, not just ticking the ‘it works’ box.


We provide prescriptive guidance, delivering scalable tools and solutions that align with your goals and industry best practice.


We align vision and work with your organization’s subject matter experts to design, develop, and deploy easily administratable and scalable solutions.

Our Services

AI/ML Powered Automation

End-to-End Testing

Cross-Platform Validation

Robotic Process Automation

ERP Consulting

Platform Selection & Deployment

Stabilization & Optimization

Readiness & Transformation

Staffing & Managed Support

Application Management Services

Staff Augmentation

Transaction Ops


I will say that I’m the type of person who appreciates quality over quantity and if I could reset the implementation clock, I would have engaged with Solution Architects Group sooner.

Senior HR Manager, Healthcare

Our resource from Solution Architects is very experienced (and reliable!) and his technical proficiency in WD is even greater than our implementation partner. You will never be assigned a junior or low-level resource. They just don’t hire that way.

HR Leader, Healthcare

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