Our AI/ML Powered Automation Services

As a Functionize Deployment Partner, our team of certified consultants specializes in implementing the most advanced machine learning based platform in the market to help you design, build, test, and maintain a scalable, easily administratable digital infrastructure that aligns with your strategic goals.


time saved deploying automated functions

more automated functions in the time it takes to create 1 Selenium based function


cost reduction with Functionize Test Cloud

Cross-Platform Functionality

End-to-End Test Automation

Experience a next generation testing platform that is low-code, visual-based, self-healing, generatively builds its own test cases, and that can be deployed to any UI-based system. Our Functionize certified team will work with your organization to design and deploy automated test scenarios that significantly reduce your testing efforts, self-heal with your evolving environment, and allow you to save time and money to maximize your digital investments.

Robotic Process Automation

Recognized by the industry as having the most advanced, accurate, and extensible machine learning modules, our team can implement Functionize to remove the manual effort associated with many high and low frequency tasks of varying complexity, bridging across technology platforms.

Validation Automation

With every digital transformation comes the need to validate across data sets, systems, etc.. Functionize has the ability to quickly validate data across any UI based platform, language, static data set, and beyond, removing much of the manual data validation effort typically required in a digital transformation. 

Our Approach

As a 100% consultant owned company, each of our consultants simply approach customer’s needs differently than our competitors. We like to say each team member’s name is on the door, and we act like it. We believe that you will find this to be a refreshing change, reflecting our team’s commitment to your long-term success.


We focus on your growth needs first – not technical problems. Our solutions align with your objectives, not just ticking the ‘it works’ box.


We provide prescriptive guidance, delivering scalable tools and solutions that align with your goals and industry best practice.


We align vision and work with your organization’s subject matter experts to design, develop, and deploy easily administratable and scalable solutions.

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